For the achievement in Max Payne 3, see It's Fear That Gives Men Wings.

Fear That Gives Men Wings is the sixth chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


Still trying to reach Jack Lupino's suite, Max takes a junkie hostage to get into Luigi's Laundry. The launderette has an elevator that can be used to get to the upper floors of the building, where Max can find a way to get across to the adjacent tenement buildings.

After taking down the goons inside the launderette and heading up in the elevator, Max makes his way through a few apartments and across rooftops until he gets to Lupino's place. Instead of finding Jack Lupino, Vinnie Gognitti and a few mobsters are inside the apartment. Gognitti attempts to shoot Max, but misses and gets shot himself; Vinnie manages to escape, but Max chases him across the rooftops until the Punchinello goon jumps from a roof onto a speeding subway train. Max follows him by jumping onto the next train that goes by, which ends the chapter.

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Hidden WeaponsEdit

  • After jumping through the first window, turn left and the furthest window can be shot through and entered. Inside the room are Soldier of Fortune II posters and several pump-action shotguns with shotgun ammunition.


On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into four sub-chapters: The Alternate Route, A One Man War, A Citywide APB and Fear That Gives Men Wings.

Obtainable AccomplishmentsEdit


Fear That Gives Men Wings

Complete 'Part I Chapter 6: Fear That Gives Men Wings' on any difficulty



  • When the junkie Max is using reaches the locked door,the man on the other side teases him by asking him to say the password: John Woo. This is a tribute to Director John Woo, whose signature bullet time is used throughout the series.
    • There is yet another tribute to John Woo in the game mode Hard Boiled, which is a reference to his film Hard Boiled.
  • At the top of the elevator, Max enters an apartment with an Ingram on the kitchen counter and a mobster in the bathroom. This appears to be a reference to the movie Pulp Fiction.
  • In the elevator Max can shoot the speaker playing the music and, in a similar fashion to Live from the Crime Scene, Max will thank the player.
  • The same scream heard in the Address Unknown episode playing in one of the apartments can also be in the prologue of Part III in the maze whenever Max falls off the line of blood.


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Max Payne - The American Dream - Fear that Gives Men Wings (HD)

Max Payne - The American Dream - Fear that Gives Men Wings (HD)