Ed is a janitor in Max Payne's apartment building. When the Cleaner commandos assault the complex, Ed is working in the basement of one of the structures cleaning a graffiti tag. Max Payne finds him searching for the password to the 7th floor door, after a homeless inhabitant informs the detective, Ed would know this code. Ed tells Payne the password (667) and is told to stay in his place as it would be dangerous to wander off.

Appearance & characteristics[edit | edit source]

Ed wears an orange jumpsuit and, on his headphones, is listening to and singing "Late Goodbye" by the Poets of the Fall.

A janitor in Max Payne's dream[edit | edit source]

After Max Payne is shot in the head by Vladimir Lem, he has a nightmare/hallucination in which he sees a man donned in a Squeaky Cleaning Company uniform grinding a graffiti and humming a song. His memory of Ed most likely influenced this apparition.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ed refers to the number 667 as "the neighbor of the beast." 667 is the next number to 666 which is considered to be a symbol of the devil and is sometimes called the "Number of the Beast". This phrase was also used in Max Payne. Maybe a coincidence but might be a reference to Iron Maiden as the band's mascot is also called "Ed" and they have a song called "Number of the beast".

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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