"...Jack's gone voodoo. Just the other night he shot Dino 'coz he wanted to see what his brains looked like splattered on the wall."
Vinnie Gognitti, regarding Dino's death.
Dino was a low-ranking member of the Punchinello crime family.


Early lifeEdit

Dino was a member, possibly a "soldato", of the Punchinello crime family. He was under the command of Jack Lupino, the underboss of the family.


At some point, the valkyr-addicted Lupino called for Dino. Upon Dino's arrival, he was shot in the head by his boss. Lupino claimed and rumor in the crime family was that he did this only to see how Dino's brains would look like splattered on the wall. Vinnie Gognitti, Jack's right-hand man wrote a letter for Don Angelo Punchinello, regarding Dino's death, but didn't finish nor sent it for the Don.


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