"I had a permanent, constipated grimace on my face. I was revenge personified."
―Dick Justice

Dick Justice is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Dick Justice crime television series. Besides appearing in the series, he also narrates its story, using metaphors often. The character is heavily based on the New York City Police Department Homicide detective Max Payne and his 2001 Valkyr Case.


Justice was a police detective when his wife was murdered by gangsters. That same rainy night, he goes after them on a revenge vendetta, killing any enemies he encounters.

Dick Justice Mourns his Wife's Death

Justice mourns his wife's death

Behind the scenesEdit

The above pic of Dick Justice and his wife is a direct parody of the iconic comic book panel where Max Payne screams in anguish over his wife's dead body.

Michelle Payne Dead

In Max Payne, a soldier in Cold Steel claims he named his weapon 'Dick Justice'.


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