The Desert Eagle is basically a ramped up 9mm Pistol. It can be held in either single or dual mode. It's got a greater damage ratio, but this is compensated with a slower firing rate.


The Desert Eagle is one of the more powerful weapons in the Max Payne series. In Max Payne 1, it is useful for its headshots although a small number of body shots can easily down any enemy in the game. One thing to note is that the bullet always travels lower than where it is aimed, so when going for the headshot, aim around an inch above the head depending on distance.

In Max Payne 2, the Desert Eagle becomes dramatically more useful, boasting pinpoint accuracy even along extreme distances, making it a good substitute for a sniper rifle should neither the sniper rifle nor the MP5 be present. In fact in many circumstances the desert eagle is preferable over the MP5 due to its higher damage.

The Desert Eagle is dual-wieldable in Max Payne 2. Dual-wielded Desert Eagles have one of the highest damage per second ratings in the game along with Dual Ingrams and the Striker; however, it comes at the price of some loss in accuracy. Desert Eagles are more suitable for clean headshots over a medium to long distance.


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