Template:ItemInfobox The Desert Eagle is a large-framed gas-operated semi-automatic handgun that Appears in Max Payne Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3. The Desert Eagle was first designed and manufactured by Israel Military Industries in 1982. It is a very powerful and popular pistol, wielded by various people.

In 2001 -2003 , this weapon was the personal handgun of the assassin Mona Sax. The DEA agent, later NYPD detective Max Payne also used this pistol in these years. He used it in 2012 as well. Other known wielders were Vladimir Lem, Vinnie Gognitti, and B.B.


Deadlier than a Beretta. It has a greater damage ratio, but this is compensated with a slower firing rate. It also cannot be used in dual mode. The Desert Eagle is one of the most powerful weapons in the first game. It is useful for scoring headshots due to its decent accuracy. One thing to note is that the bullet always travels lower than where it is aimed, so when going for a headshot, aim around an inch above the head depending on distance. Headshots aside, it is a powerful weapon that can down any enemy fairly quickly.

In Max Payne 2, the Desert Eagle becomes dramatically more useful, boasting pinpoint accuracy even along extreme distances, making it a good substitute for a sniper rifle should neither the sniper rifle nor the MP5 be present. In fact in many circumstances the Desert Eagle is preferable over the MP5 due to its higher damage. The Desert Eagle is dual-wieldable in Max Payne 2. Dual-wielded Desert Eagles have one of the highest damage per second ratings in the game along with dual Ingrams and the Striker; however, it comes at the price of some loss in accuracy. Desert Eagles are more suitable for clean headshots over a medium to long distance. The weapon can kill a weaker enemy with two shots.

The Desert Eagle returns in Max Payne 3, as the DE .50. It is very powerful, capable of killing an unarmored opponent with just one bullet. It's major downside is it's scarce ammunition. This weapon can dual wielded in multiplayer once weapon level 9 is gained.

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The DE is a gas-operated semi-automatic pistol with .50 caliber rounds that has an effective range of 50 meters. This is the third most powerful handgun in the arsenal and, along with the 608 Bull, it has the best range. The DE’s accuracy is fair and ammo capacity is average.

Behind the scenes

  • The Desert Eagle is the signature weapon of Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem.
  • Although the gun is shown numerous levels in many pre-release screenshots and trailers of Max Payne 3, it only appears in a few levels of the final game because of the high damage and being powerful.
  • It can be seen when zoomed in with a sniper that the Desert Eagle in Max Payne 1 & 2 is a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE. However, the .50AE Desert Eagle only holds 7 rounds per magazine while in-game it holds 10. This was corrected in Max Payne 3.
  • Max cannot find ammo for the Desert Eagle in Max Payne 3.
  • Max can also dual-wield the gun in Max Payne 3 only in chapter fifth. To do this you have to play from checkpoint nine and get the DE.50 from a small room before you go and active the bridge. Then activate the bridge and reload the checkpoint. Again go to the room and you can see the DE.50. Pick it up or get ammo from it.



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