Corcoran is a minor character in Max Payne 2. He is a Senator who is affiliated with Woden's camp within the Inner Circle, but only plays a minor role in the game. Shortly after the beginning of the events in Max Payne 2, he becomes a victim of Vlad's Cleaners in the level The Million Dollar Question despite Max and Mona's attempts to save him.

It can be assumed from the swiftness of the Cleaner operation that the civil war within the Inner Circle took place not long before the start of Max Payne 2. As an influential senator, Corcoran should have been offered more protection from the hit and even Mona (Woden's top henchman) was unable to react on time. Many other residents of Corcoran's apartment reasonably show surprise at the Cleaner's appearance, although it is unknown how many of them were also part of the Inner Circle.

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