"Originating from the prisons of Brazil, Comando Sombra has embraced fear and violence to become one of the deadliest organized crime groups in São Paulo. Their power spreads throughout the favelas where they can recruit soldiers as well as hide illegal activies from law enforcement."

The Comando Sombra logo.


Left: The police record of the gang.
Right: "Serrano", the gang's leader.


Two CS members.

The Comando Sombra (English: Shadow Command), also known as the CS, was one of the most powerful gangs in São Paulo. The leader of the gang since 2006 was "Serrano".

The CS was one of the many gangs of São Paulo which are fighting for the control of the city; the resulting drug war is a source of much violence.

This gang was founded during the 1990s as a spilt group of a prison gang. The gang's next actions up to 2005 is unknown, though Serrano joined at some point before this year. Since 2005, the gang killed more than 450 police officers, and after Serrano became the leader, the gang started to focus on kidnapping and drug dealing, as well murder, torture and robbery.

The gang played a major role, albeit unwittingly, during the organs harvesting scandal in 2012. The gang kidnapped Fabiana Branco, wife of businessman Rodrigo Branco, leading the Branco's bodyguard Max Payne to hunt down the gang.

Payne arrives to Nova Esperança, a known turf of the CS, fighting his way through the gang members, including those of other gangs. Despite his efforts, Serrano ultimately executed Fabiana.

The Comando Sombra members were soon attacked by the Unidade de Forças Especiais unit, whose members kill and capture the gang's members, including Serrano himself, finishing the Comando Sombra for good.

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Size and activitiesEdit

The CS had over 3000 members, and their known activities are drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, torture, robbery, murder and hijacking. The Comando Sombra was a major distributor of cocaine and marijuana throughout the São Paulo state.

The gang was highly organized. They were networked throughout many of the largest favelas in São Paulo, including Morro do Abutre, Vila do Beija-flor, Nova Esperança and Purgatópolis.

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The gang was often characterized by their use of extreme force, violent retaliation and coordinated attacks on the police forces. Gang members used radical rhetoric as a tool to gain support and promote anti-establishment sentiment in poor communities.


The CS members are primarily well armed with FALS, AK-47s, M500's, M10s, and double-barelled shotguns. Some of them are also seen with Glock and PT92 handguns.



The Comando Sombra was formed in the mid 1990s, as a splinter group of a prison gang. The gang still has a strong prison presence.

Since 2005, the CS was believed to kill more than 450 police officers. Since 2010, the CS was linked to over 20 high-profile kidnappings.

In 2006, one of the gang's members, a man known as "Serrano", took over the control the organization.

Between mid 2011 to mid 2012, the gang's activity has shifted toward contract killing, including judges and politicians.

The gang is also engaged in vicious turf wars with local favela gangs, such as Tropa Z in Nova Esperança, and the Crachá Preto in an unknown location.


By 2012, the gang is still at war with other gangs for the control of São Paulo. As of 2012, the gang has more than 3000 members.

At some point, the gang kidnaps Rodrigo Branco's wife, Fabiana Branco, leading Max Payne, who works for Rodrigo, to attack them in order to get back the kidnapped woman.

After their confrontations with Max Payne and the joint UFE/Crachá Preto incursion into Nova Esperança, the gang was all but wiped out from São Paulo. These events led to the public disclosure of the Organ Harvesting scandal. The few members who survived their captivity in the Imperial Palace hotel including CS leader Serrano, are currently unaccounted for.

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  • The 55 Unidade de Forças Especiais' intelligence lists several areas of control formerly under Comando Sombra. Besides Nova Esperanca, these locations remain unvisited, though one of them may be the CS site on the Tiete River. The locations are Morro de Abutre (Vulture's Nose), Pennasquinho, and Vila de Beija-Flor (Hummingbird Village). One location still under CS control is called Purgatopolis.

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Comando Sombra is inspired by the real life gang called PCC, which was responsible for a series of attacks against the São Paulo Police Force in 2006. It is also inspired by Rio de Janeiro's Comando Vermelho.




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