Colt Commando is an assault rifle and the most powerful weapon in Max Payne. It is replaced with M4 Carbine in Max Payne 2.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Colt Commando assault rifle shares many aesthetic traits with the M4 Carbine, which is derived from. In Max Payne 2, in fact, the Colt Commando's role is played by the M4. The rifle offers lots of advantages: it is compact (more than the M4), accurate and has a capacity of 30 rounds (only Ingram have a bigger magazine size); however, it doesn't have the excellent fire rate and damage of Max Payne 2's M4, since - some said - it fires slightly weaker and less straight bursts. These lacks, along with the Ingrams' effectiveness (better than in Max Payne 2), don't make the Colt Commando the great and absolutely reliable gun that is M4, whose values certainly win the competition with the Kalashnikov.

Max Payne with the Colt Commando

Nevertheless, the Colt Commando is a very good weapon, very useful for overcoming the attacks of Punchinello's goons: it's Lem who warns Max about the need of suitable guns to defeat Punchinello. This rifle is also very helpful during the hard battles with Cold Steel's and Aesir Corporation's security guards, who also make a massive use of this weapon.

The Colt Commando is chambered for Colt Commando ammunitions and Max can carry around 150 rounds; ammo becomes much more abundant in Colt Steel's and Aesir Corporation's rooms. It can be found in sole Max Payne.

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