Clay is a bodyguard working for the US senator Alfred Woden who, during the civil war of the Inner Circle, betrays his employer and switches sides to Vladimir Lem's forces.

Clay is spotted by Max Payne on a security monitor transmitting from a security camera somewhere inside the Woden's manor during Max and Mona Sax's assault on the building occupied by the Cleaner hitmen. The bodyguard talks to Lem, rigs some explosive charges in the mansion, and is seen leaving with the Russian Mob boss.

Clay is shot and killed by Max in the final chapter of the game.

Lem and his friendsEdit

Vladimir Lem meets Clay with his traditional "dearest of all my friends" greeting, the same one he would always use when addressing Max Payne. With this action, more of the Russian gangster's manipulative insincerity towards others is revealed to Max.