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Claudio (unknown-2012) was a professional footballer who played for the Galatians FC.


Galatians FC[]

Claudio used to play in the Galatians FC for the most of his life. At some point before 2012, he also played in Germany, as hinted by Marcelo Branco, who said Claudio "must not be all that great as if he was he would be playing for Barcelona or Milan."


One night in 2012, Claudio was relaxing at Club Moderno, alongside two young women. The same night Marcelo and Fabiana Branco arrived the club too.

A few moments later, the Comando Sombra street gang assaulted the club in order to kidnap Fabiana. As the gang members entered the club, Claudio stood up and attempted to interfere, but was quickly shot by the attackers, dying immediately from a shot to the head.


Claudio's death saddened many of his fans and fellow players. People who lived inside the Nova Esperança favela made a small "shrine" at one street in memory of the famous football player. Claudio's friends in the Galatians also made a small memorial in the team's stadium.

Claudio's death most notably affected the street gang called Tropa Z. The gang's members, known for their love for the deceased football players, vowed revenge on Claudio's murderers, the Comando Sombra, and began to engage brutal gang wars with the gang.