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Entrance to the site

The Castling construction site is a location that appears in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and serves as a hideout for the Cleaners. The site appears to be a large complex of several office buildings under construction.


The first building Max explores seems to be the only old and condemned building in the area, it is several stories tall and has a small courtyard with a guardhouse and delivery area for trucks. It is used primarily as the base of operations for the Cleaners, but during Mona's chapters some Cleaners can be heard saying the condemned building is being blown up and its contents are being moved to a new location. There are several Choir Communications billboards around the building, indicating that it might have been previously owned by the aforementioned company; this theory is further supported by an enemy in the beginning of the chapter Routing Her Synapses, where Mona can overhear a Cleaner refer to it as the “Choir building.” The building also has additional security measures, such as barbed-wire fence surrounding the building and an underground parking garage that is shuttered when not in use.

Most of the other buildings on the construction site, however, seem to be newly built.There is a small administration-sized building under construction near the gated entrance of the large condemned building, and the buildings that Mona must make her way through to get to Max also seem to be newly built office buildings still under construction, as the supplies and the buildings themselves seem to be new structures, and many of the surrounding buildings are also in various states of construction, from only foundations being laid for some future building, to nearly-completed buildings that simply lack interior work and furnishing.



  • This location appears in more chapters in Max Payne 2 than any other location in the game.
  • On the Dead Man Walking map Construction Site, a big, white square is floating above the map.