Casa di Angelo is a restaurant owned by Angelo Punchinello.



Angelo Punchinello's restaurant is an older building that is large and spread out. The front area has several booth tables and a bar, with a door at the back leading to an open kitchen and a storage room. The front area is also connected to multiple dining areas by a short hallway for the bathrooms, and the dining section furthest from the entrance has a hallway with a few small sets of stairs that lead up the second floor as well as the balcony seating.

The second floor also has the main kitchen area, which is large and equipped with a variety of cooking appliances, in addition to a small service elevator and a food-prep space adjacent to the kitchen. The service elevator leads to an old storage space on the ground floor, accessible by stairs in the back corner of the main kitchen. The small, old storage area has a hatch built into the floor in the corner of the room, which leads to the city sewer tunnels.


The sewers are a network of tunnels that are a maze of metal catwalks for sewer maintenance workers, which provide a means to travel above the sewage that runs below the grated platforms. The tunnels are wide and large, capable of handling large quantities of flowing sewage; they are also useful for the Punchinello mobsters, who use the sewer access hatch in the restaurant to reach a door that leads out of the sewers to the street outside near Punchinello's establishment.


After Max Payne kills Boris Dime, he allows Vladimir Lem to reclaim the Charon and its cargo during the winter storm of 2001. Max's focus then shifts to Angelo Punchinello, his lead on the trafficking of Valkyr, and a powerful, well-protected individual who seems to be very difficult to reach without going through his numerous Mafia soldiers. Max decides that, in order to meet up with the Punchinello Don personally, he had to come up with some leverage that could get Max a meeting with Punchinello. Payne uses the Charon's cargo of weaponry as a bargaining tool to get Punchinello to meet with him, and the crime boss tells Max to meet him at his restaurant, Casa di Angelo.

When Max gets inside Punchinello's restaurant, no one is there to meet him; instead, a chain reaction of explosives goes off throughout the restaurant, setting it ablaze and making an escape from the building practically impossible. As Max rushes through the building and away from the explosions going off around him, he makes his way up to the second floor, where he reaches the main kitchen and escapes the fiery explosions.

Once he begins to cross the room towards a staircase that leads back downstairs into a storage room, a mobster runs out and attempts to take Max out. Payne takes him, and a few other assailants downstairs, out and uses the hatch in the first-floor storage room to climb down into the city's sewer system. Down there, Max walks through the maze-like tunnels while in a shoot-out with nearly a dozen gunmen, and after taking them all out he leaves the sewer via a door the shooters were using to gain access to the sewers and the restaurant. Vladimir Lem, seeing Punchinello's burning restaurant, offers Max a ride to Punchinello manor in order to finally bring the Mafia Don down.

Weapons Located

Behind the Scenes

  • Casa di Angelo translates from Italian as 'Angelo's House' or 'House of Angelo.' Angelo can also be translated as Angel, meaning the name could be intended to mean 'The House of Angels.'
  • In the movie Goodfellas, two of the main characters burn down an associate's restaurant, similar to Casa di Angelo. However, the restaurant in the film was destroyed for insurance purposes, while Punchinello's restaurant was burned down to kill Max Payne (though it is possible Punchinello would have claimed the insurance money for the destruction of his restaurant as well).



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