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Candy Dawn is a hooker and an associate of the Punchinello Crime Family.



Candy is a hooker with a various number of clients in the Punchinello crime family. She has her own apartment in the same hotel that Rico Muerte and the Finito brothers stay in.

She has tapes of some of her clients in her room and a diary where she likes to record events in.


Candy is involved with members of the Punchinello crime family, and is caught giving Rico Muerte oral sex when Max Payne appears in the scene. She attacks Max along with Muerte and several more armed thugs. During the gunfight, however, she dies. She is the only female to be directly shot and killed by Max in the game.

Max also finds that some of her "secret tapes" are of Alfred Woden (whom she refers to as "one-eyed Alfred" in her diary). Max decides to use this against Woden if he were to go back on his offer to "make all the charges go away."

Equipment and Tactics[]

Candy carries a Beretta 9mm pistol. Despite being a hooker with no explicit combat skills, she has extremely good aim, having near-perfect accuracy with each shot (whereas most non-boss Punchinello mobsters tend to miss the majority of their shots even against stationary targets). However, like all enemies she does not lead her target and thus her shots can be evaded by strafing. She is also noticeably more durable than regular Punchinello mobsters, having about three times as much health as them and requiring about 17-18 9mm pistol shots to kill.

Candy is confronted alongside Rico Muerte and several Punchinello mobsters. Candy herself runs behind the bar and fires at Max from a stationary position, while Muerte flees into the back hallway and his mobsters charge at the cop.



"Oh Rico, you're so bad."
―Candy Dawn
"It's that Cop!"
―Candy Dawn commenting on Max's abrupt arrival.


She is the only female enemy in the series that is fought and killed directly.