Byzantine Power Game is the sixth chapter of Part III in Max Payne.


Max Payne finds himself in a room filled with filing cabinets linking the Inner Circle to hundreds of major crimes throughout the city. Max, realizing he has nothing to lose, decides to head to Aesir Headquarters, but first he must escape the Asgard Building.

He makes his way through the building, taking out every Killer Suit and mercenary in his way, while he looks for the exit. Soon he finds the meeting room, where he met the Inner Circle and exits into the entrance foyer where a few more Killer Suits and mercenaries armed with Jackhammers, Ingrams and Colt Commandos guard the exit. After an intense shootout, Max leaves the building.

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Enemies EncounteredEdit

Hidden WeaponsEdit

  • As you leave the room filled with filing cabinets, behind the first door is a fuse box. Shooting the fuse box will unlock the otherwise locked door, and on the other side of the room past the door is some shotgun and Desert Eagle ammo.


On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: Byzantine Power Game, Nothing To Lose and Clean Up Duty.

Obtainable AccomplishmentsEdit


Byzantine Power Game

Complete 'Part III Chapter 6: Byzantine Power Game' on any difficulty



Video WalkthroughEdit

Max Payne - A Bit Closer to Heaven - Byzantine Power Game (HD)

Max Payne - A Bit Closer to Heaven - Byzantine Power Game (HD)

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