A Burst is a special ability that a player equips and uses in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer to help them take down or subvert opponents. Bursts are acquired by leveling up with XP, and can be equipped along with the rest of the player's loadout.

Adrenaline & ActivationEdit

A burst is powered by the adrenaline meter, which sits in the bottom-right corner of the screen with the rest of the HUD. It is segmented into three bars, which fill as the player kills enemies and/or loots their bodies. When a segment of adrenaline is completely filled, the burst reaches a new level, which then denotes the burst's overall potency. The more adrenaline you have, the more potent your burst will be when activated, up to the maximum of three levels.

When a burst is used, it will automatically consume all full adrenaline segments. Bursts with a duration, like Bullet Time, will deplete the adrenaline meter over a short period, while others instantly deplete the meter, like Trigger Happy. Full segments of adrenaline are retained upon death, but any half-filled segments are lost and must be refilled after respawning.

List of BurstsEdit

Each burst is based on different thematic elements of the Max Payne universe, such as deceit, betrayal, and paranoia, as well as series staples like Bullet Time and Hong Kong-style action.

Burst Icon Name Description Level Unlocks
BIGDOG Big Dog Health boosts for you and your team 1 / 2 / 3
BULLETTIME Bullet Time Slows time 6 / 11 / 18
BURSTBUBBLE Burst Bubble Block your enemies Bursts while powering yours 37 / 41 / 46
DEATHSQUAD Deadly Force Lodaout with deadlier ammo Unlocked with DLC
FRESHBLOOD Fresh Blood Power-up your team's next 6 respawns 27 / 30 / 35
UNSTOPPABLE Unstoppable Gives armor and reduced damage bonuses Unlocked with DLC
GROUNDED Grounded Hide from the enemy's minimap 14 / 19 / 29
INTUITION Intuition Locates your enemy to give you an edge 1 / 2 / 3
PARANOIA Paranoia Your opponents won't know who to trust 7 / 9 / 13
SLIPPERYCHARACTER Slippery Character Use this for a quick escape Unlocked with DLC
SNEAKY Sneaky Appear as friendly to enemies 8 / 25 / 34
TRIGGERHAPPY Trigger Happy More firepower 1 / 2 / 3
EXPLOSIVES Explosives Ability to use explosive ammo and booby traps Unlocked with DLC
WEAPONDEALER Weapon Dealer Special deals to make your weapons more powerful 32 / 39 / 43
WEAPONDOUBLEDEALER Weapon Double-Dealer Gives your enemies dodgy weapons 42 / 45 / 48

Confuses your target at spawn

Unlocked with DLC


  • "Burst" refers to the concept of a "Burst of Adrenaline" during fight or flight situations
  • "Fresh Blood" refers to new members of a group or organization
  • The Bullet Time Burst icon is actually two pistol shelled bullets, joined together at their tips, creating an hourglass shape
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