This article is about the Max Payne 3 multiplayer burst, you may be looking for the single player game mechanic


Bullet Time is a Max Payne 3 multiplayer burst. It slows down movement, firing, and reload speed for the enemy, while still allowing the player (and any of their teammates) to aim, shoot, and reload in real time.

The burst utilizes a tweaked mechanic based on line of sight. Anyone who uses Bullet Time will slow down anyone they see, anyone who sees them, and anyone who sees any other affected player. Benefits are transferred to all friendly players, while disadvantages are shared between all enemy players. This makes it so players running around in far corners of the map away from the slow-motion gunplay do not feel the effects of Bullet Time. To escape a player's Bullet Time, simply shootdodge or roll behind cover to break their line of sight on you.

The best points at which to utlize this Burst is when making an assault upon a group of opponents, allowing you to strafe through the area plugging enemies full of lead quicker than they can return fire. Try to go for headshots to make the most out of the Burst and your ammo, but remember not to stand idly while shooting - use the opponent's slowed aiming to your advantage as much as the augmented firing speed. It can also be helpful when trying to make an escape from a disadvantageous situation by "making like Chow Yun-Fat" away from the fight while the opponent's aiming can't keep up with your sprinting.

One can also use the Burst strictly to infer the benefits to his teammates if they are in an area away from you, under attack. Simply keep your teammate in your sights to infer Bullet Time on them, and give them the edge they need to take out their targets.

Burst Level Effect Level Unlocked
Level 1 Adrenaline sharpens your reflexes for 2.5s 6
Level 2 Increases the duration of the effect to 4s 11
Level 3 Increases the duration of the effect to 6s 18

Counter[edit | edit source]

Bullet Time (and Shootdodge) can be countered by the Pocket Watch item, which infers the benefits of an opponent's slow motion onto the player.

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