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"Don't be afraid of the fires. You think they'll hurt ya. You think they'll char your skin and char your bones, but it'll make you clean in the long run."


Brewer was a neighbour of Max Payne.


After Max had killed the son of Anthony DeMarco, he was hunted by a group of hitmen. At some point during the gunfight, a hitman catchs Payne in a gun-point, but Brewer comes out from his apartment with a shotgun and kills the hitman. Brewer discusses that he will cleanse the men of their filth. He then blows himself up with a bomb that is strapped to his body (under his jacket), killing the hitmen.



  • It appears that Brewer was part of the 5th Platoon, presumably in Vietnam. This can be seen on the jacket he wears that covers up the bomb. He may have lost his sanity from the things he saw, resulting in him killing himself to rid him of his troubles.
  • Brewer appears to have post-traumatic stress disorder, proving some symptoms by how he believes he can cleanse himself of his sins by blowing himself up along with others.
  • Brewer keeps a mosiac of newspaper clippings detailing Max's exploits
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