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"Tell the devil that Dime sent you."
―Boris Dime


Boris Dime is a Russian mobster who was once a member of the Russian Mob, and an associate of Vladimir Lem.


Boris Dime was once a loyal member of the Russian Mob. He was then betrayed Vladimir Lem and the Russians, and crossed over to the Punchinello crime family.

Events of Max Payne

Boris Dime was then put in charge of Punchinello's cargo ship, Charon, that holds up various weapons.

Vlad then makes a deal with Max Payne: He (Vlad) will give weapons to Max, if Max will find and kill Boris Dime - Max accepts.

Max enters the cargo ship, kills a dozen of mobsters, and finally comes into Dime's room. Angelo Punchinello phones Dime, but hears Max Payne instead, who teases the Italian mob boss.

Max then kills some more mobsters until he finds Dime, armed with his powerful shotgun.

Dime attacked Max, but was killed by his assailant.