Blowing Up is the third chapter of Part II in Max Payne 2.


Max, still in the room of bodies, is suddenly spotted by more Cleaners that happened to have walked into the room. They open fire on him as he takes cover, but they are stopped by another Cleaner who tells them the room is full of explosives, but as the Cleaners and Max run out of the room, a large pile of boxed explosives goes off, setting the room ablaze.

Escaping the room, Max realizes that a chain of explosives has been set off, causing the building to quickly collapse. Payne then begins to descend as quickly as he can, using holes in the floor to get to lower floors while avoiding explosive weapons crates and Cleaners that are either trapped or escaping the building. When Max reaches the lower floors, the flames intensify until they surround him, while Mona is desperately trying to reach him over his headset.

Eventually Max reaches a large open window and he dives out of it as the flames reach out to him from inside the building while he grabs a nearby scaffolding bar. He holds onto it and tries to climb up, but a large explosion blows him off of the bar and Max falls three stories on top of a work table and then falls to the ground, knocked unconscious by a large falling board.

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3 Painkillers are found just at the beginning of the level, but the player must take them quickly as the place will catch fire soon

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Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Blowing Up (HD)

Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Blowing Up (HD)

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