Big Dog is a Max Payne 3 multiplayer burst. Its main function is to make the player and their teammates more hearty, able to withstand more damage.

This Burst is best utilized when getting ready to make an assault deeper into areas entrenched with opponents. It can also be effectively used to heal yourself when close to death, as the Burst will quickly heal you after activation. When attempting to support your entire team, wait until you reach Level 3 to infer the benefits to the entire team, no matter where they are.

Burst Level Effect Level Unlocked
Level 1 Boost your health and nearby teammate's health 1
Level 2 Health boost affects all visible teammates 2
Level 3 Health boost affects all teammates 3


The Deadly Force Burst can make short work of those with the benefits of Big Dog, as it deals extra damage with each shot fired.

Narrator QuotesEdit

"It was clear who had more staying power."

"Suddenly they weren't going down as easy."

"They were coming back even stronger than before."

"They seem to be getting tougher rather than weaker."

"Their second wind came like a hurricane."

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