The pistol is a very reliable weapon. Although it has mediocre accuracy and damage, ammo is often very abundant, and with dual-wield the 9mm's rate of fire is second only to the dual Ingrams. Early in the game the 9mm is the weapon of choice as other ammo types are scarce and the Ingram and shotgun are not as reliable in mid-to-long distance battles. The 9mm is capable of headshots at extreme close range; these will incapacitate and enemy despite the low damage. Always good as a backup; in case Max runs out of ammo for something else, he will probably have these to rely on as ammo is so abundant. This is the most basic gun in the game, and is common early on. It is rarely missing throughout the story.


All the NYPD cops and the cleaners early on have a simple 9mm pistol, but it proves to be obsolete later in the game when you're facing commandos with expensive automatics. The 9mm is popular in modern law enforcement due to ease of use and small size and caliber.


  • Max Payne is always shown holding his 9mm pistol in cutscenes, even if it's out of ammo, or if he has a much better weapon. It can thus be argued that the 9mm is Max's signature weapon; also alluding to his occupation as a cop.
  • This weapon page refers to the 9mm pistol in the second game; in the first, it is named the Berreta.
  • When playing New York Minute mode or chapter selection mode, on Part III Chapter 2 Max will find himself with a single 9mm pistol with twenty rounds-faced with five enemies. A combination of careful aiming and melee should be applied to this situation lest Max find himself with an empty gun.

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