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Backstabbing Bastard is the fourth level of the final part in Max Payne, when Max kills B.B. at the multistory carpark.

A little while after the events at Cold Steel, Max is in an all night diner when he gets a call from B.B. Hensley requesting to meet Max on top of the Choir Comunications Garage.

Max realizes that B.B. set him up and killed Alex Balder. When he confronts him, B.B. gets in a car and speeds off, to the lower levels of the car park leaving Max to deal with the Killer Suits.

Eventually, Max makes it to the bottom level and B.B. crashes into another car and gets out. He and Max then have a shoot-out and Max wins. B.B carries a Jackhammer

Max then gets a call from Alfred Woden, and they set up a meeting at the Asgard Building.



On the PS2/Xbox version, this level is divided into three levels: Backstabbing Bastard, Alive and at Large and The Name of Your Enemy.


Enemies Encountered

Other Character Appearances

Easter Egg

  • Just before the first ramp leading down into the underground section of the carpark, there is a roof top with a small shack on it. The roof is accessed by jumping upon the grey dustbins stacked against the wall. It's then possible to shoot your way inside. Drop down the hole and you will end up in a room with a the body of a dead mobster, some sniper ammo and a radio. Turn it on and you will recieve a message from Remedy. There is also the Rockstar Games logo on the wall.





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Many people believe there is a glitch where B.B will disappear temporarily, but this isn't true. B.B simply climbs through the wired fence and doubles back to confuse Max (enlarge image to see).

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