Bachmeyer is the second-in-command in the Unidade de Forças Especiais unit, and the right-hand man of Armando Becker.


Branco party gunfight

After an unsuccessful kidnapping of Rodrigo Branco and his wife Fabiana, by the Comando Sombra, Bachmeyer arrives to the scene along with his boss, Becker, to finish off the remaining Comando Sombra members.

Rodrigo's assassination

When the Crachá Preto attack the Branco building, Bachmeyer enters to Rodrigo Branco's office, and shoots him at the back of the head. Bachmeyer then takes the tape that filmed him killing Branco, and put a bomb under Rodrigo's desk, which destroyed the whole place.

War at the favela

Much later, Bachmeyer leads a full attack on the Nova Esperança favela in order to bring down the Comando Sombra. He also captures Marcelo Branco and Giovanna Taveres, and sells them to the Crachá Preto.


Finally, after learing of Victor Branco and Becker's true plans, Max attacks the UFE base, where he finds the tape that shows Rodrigo's death. Max rushes into Bachmeyer, who escapes and sends more of his men. Bachmeyer gathers his men near Becker's office, in order to protect him from Payne's attack. After a big shootout, Bachmeyer is shot dead by Payne, and falls from the platform he was standing on.


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