This article is about the film character, you may be looking for the game version of him, known simply as B.B.

B.B. Hensley is the chief of Aesir security and the main antagonist.

He acts as Max Payne's old friend and became somewhat of a mentor to him after Max's family is killed. In fact, he turns out to be a highly hypocrite man who personally participated in the murder of Max's entire family.

He has a black henchman.

He is in league with Nicole Horne.

Hensley accompanies Payne to Alex Balder's funeral.

He kills Jack Lupino in Ragna Rock.

He provides facts about Payne's life to Jim Bravura investigating the detective's actions.

He throws Max into a frozen river when his nefarious deeds become known.

However, he gets killed by Max on top of the Aesir skyscraper.

Behind the scenes

  • B.B. Hensley is portrayed by Beau Bridges in the Max Payne film.
  • His last name, "Hensley," was invented for the film. In the game, the character is known only as B.B..
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