B.B. Hensley is an old friend of Max in the DEA, and became somewhat of a mentor after Max's family is killed. At first he is a friend of Max, but turns out to have secretly ordered the deaths of Max's entire family and partner Alex Balder, and is also in league with Nicole Horne.



B.B. Hensley is a member of the DEA who is supposedly helping Max on the investigation for the murders of his family, but actually is allied with Nicole Horne with the production of an illegal drug called Valkyr. While Horne let Valkyr junkies loose in the house of Max's family, B.B. shot Alex Blader in Roscoe Street Station and framed Max for his death.

Involvement in Max Payne

In Max Payne, B.B. is featured as a minor villain and boss. He is first heard in Part I, Act 1: Roscoe Train Station, telling Max via phone to meet with Alex in the train station. In Act II, he shoots Alex while Max is talking with him, but out of Max's view. At this point in the game it is not immediately clear to the player that the shooter is BB since he had not been visually introduced yet. In Part III, BB contacts Max in an attempt to lure him in a trap and kill him; Max, however, knows that BB is a traitor and venomously nicknames him "Backstabbing Bastard" before killing BB and his henchmen in a protracted shootout in a car park. See Backstabbing Bastard for more details.


  • B.B. Hensley was played by Beau Bridges in The Max Payne Movie that came out on October 17, 2008.
  • Max can be heard reffering to B.B. as "Backstabbing Bastard".
  • B.B. Hensley is only the name of the character in the Max Payne Movie, The video game Max Payne only ever refers to him as B.B.

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