The Auto 9mm, is an automatic handgun in Max Payne 3.


The Auto 9mm is the fastest firing handgun in Max Payne 3 not including SMGs. It has a higher stopping power than the semi-automatic PT92, or the .38 Revolver, but has a lower stopping power than most of the SMGs. It also has a higher capacity than any other handgun, boasting 33 rounds in a magazine, or 42 when golden. The Auto 9mm is a selective fire handgun, and can be switched from full-auto to semi-auto by pressing B in PC . This feature may become a problem to recognize the actual fire mode, unless the sight option is selected to "weapon default".


This handgun is used by the Crachá Preto and Unidade de Forças Especiais. The Comando Sombra leader, Serrano, also uses this handgun as his main weapon.

Behind the scenes Edit

The real life counterpart to the Auto 9mm would be the Glock 17. The reason for this is that while the gun in game behaves very similarly to a Glock 18, it lacks a compensator, ported slide, and a select fire switch.

Social Club descriptionEdit

A fully automatic pistol that provides an exhilarating experience, much like firing a small submachine gun. The rate of fire is equal to the M10 but its damage, accuracy, ammo capacity and range are not as strong.



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