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"I am a legitimate businessman and a proud member of my community. Drugs are a scourge and, as a parent, I pride myself in having nothing to do with them."
―Anthony DeMarco in a TV interview.[src]

Don Anthony DeMarco, Sr. is the boss of the New Jersey-based DeMarco Crime Family in 2012. He is also the father of Tony DeMarco.


Early life[]

DeMarco became the don of a Mafia family sometime in the early 80s or 90s. He was also one of the strongest mobsters in New Jersey by 2012, after the fall of the Punchinello Crime Family. DeMarco's only son was Tony, and the two had a close relationship.

Hunting Max Payne[]

"Max Payne! You killed my boy! You killed my ONLY son!"
―Anthony DeMarco yelling at Max Payne, 2012.

At some point in 2012, former NYPD detective Max Payne, "slumped in a bar, drunk on self-pity", killed DeMarco's son after witnessing him strike a woman.

DeMarco was distraught and heart broken when he learned of his son's death. He then sent a large mobster hit squad to kill Max out of revenge. Max, however, was able to kill all the hitmen, and escaped to safety with his friend, Raul Passos, and help from Brewer, a mentally unstable neighbor of Max, who blew up several of DeMarco's hitmen with a bomb that was strapped to his chest.

Later at the cemetery, Max and Passos were held at gunpoint and taken to a grave site where DeMarco confronts them about killing Tony, and in a rage, hit Passos twice in the head with a shovel, forcing Max to dig their own graves before breaking down and sobbing.

Mob war[]

A few weeks after Max's escape to São Paulo, a war between the DeMarcos and the Punchinellos began. According to the newspapers and Max, this was not the first time the two mob families were at war with each other.

Personality and characteristics[]

DeMarco was highly intelligent, calm and an opportunist, even in his old age. Despite being a loving father, and grooming his own son, namesake Anthony ''Tony'' DeMarco Jr., by making him a possible capo, or under-boss in the crime family. His only unbalance, perhaps, was when his son was killed, and that made him cry a lot, even in front of his men. 


Anthony was a Caucasian man with gray hair. In his appearances he wears a gray suit, with a light gray shirt underneath, and a red tie with dark shoes.