Template:CharacterInfobox Angelo Punchinello is the head of New York City's Punchinello crime family in 2001. His criminal organization is used by Nicole Horne to run the valkyr trade. Punchinello never really finds out what Horne is, only suspecting she is "someone high-up, government, maybe". Reportedly a "sadistic wife beater", he is married to Lisa Punchinello, the twin sister of Mona Sax.

His top three most dangerous henchmen are known as the Trio: Vince Mugnaio, Pilate "Big Brother" Providence, and Joe "Deadpan" Salem.



Not much is known about Punchinello's life. He is the husband of Lisa Punchinello, sister of the assassin Mona Sax. He was described as a "sadistic wife beater" by Mona.

At some point prior 1999, Angelo was connected to Nicole Horne, who used his crime family for her valkyr business and tests, which also addicted Angelo's right-hand man, Jack Lupino. Angelo never realizes who Horne really is, but thinks she is someone from the government.


In 2001, due to personal reasons for the abuse of her sister and also hired by Horne, Sax goes after Punchinello to kill him. As does Max Payne, a fugitive from the police who considers Punchinello responsible for the murder of his family and close friend.

Later moves

Punchinello, angry at Lupino for killing one of their soldiers, Dino, just to see how his remains will look like on a wall, sends a letter to his underboss, telling him that he should maintain his composure, and if not, he would send The Trio to pacify him.


One night, Max Payne assaults his manor and kills all his guards (including The Trio). After finding Lisa Punchinello dead, Payne then confronts the Mafia Don in his office and starts interrogating him. Just then, Nicole Horne's Killer Suits storm the room and gun Punchinello down.



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