Angel of Death is the fifth and final chapter of Part II in Max Payne.


After escaping an assassination attempt from Angelo Punchinello, Max takes the fight to him and his men by entering the Punchinello Manor

premises and finding that someone has killed the guards and left the cellar door open.

Max shoots his way from the wine cellar to the kitchen and dining area where he runs into the first of The Trio: Pilate Providence. Max kills him and carries on through the mansion until he comes across Joe Salem and kills him too. After surviving a mobster who tries to take Max out with a grenade launcher, he finds Lisa Punchinello dead and shortly after, gets a call from Alfred Woden warning him about a squad of armed men descending on the manor.

Max finally finds and kills Vince Mugnaio, and confronts Don Punchinello, but then the Killer Suits arrive and kill Punchinello. Max shoots a few of them but is soon outnumbered and confronted by Nicole Horne. After taunting Max she injects him with a large dose of Valkyr, and as he starts to react to the effects of the drug, Part II of Max Payne concludes.

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: Murderous Hearts, Angel of Death and Trouble on Dagger Heels.

Obtainable Accomplishments/TrophiesEdit


Angel of Death

Complete 'Part II Chapter 5: Angel Of Death' on any difficulty



Time to Die II

Finish Part II in under 1 hour


07 A Cold Day in Hell

A Cold Day in Hell

Complete Part II on any difficulty

Bronze BronzeTrophy


  • At the beginning there's a door to the left, and inside is a guard nailed to the table.
  • One mobster blows up a door with a grenade launcher. This is more than likely inspired by the movie Scarface. Some aspects of the manor, such as the layout, are similar to the one in Scarface as well.


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