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[[Category:Characters in Max Payne 2]]
[[Category:Characters in Max Payne 2]]
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Template:CharacterInfobox Andrews is a member of the Cleaners in 2003.

He is one of the mercenaries that escape in a van from their unsuccessful attack on Max Payne and Mona Sax at the Address Unknown funhouse, Coney Island, New York City.

Andrews and a few other Cleaners arrive at the operational hub of the faction, the Castling construction site. They park their van in an underground parking lot of a condemned building. His companions leave the garage and Andrews tells them he will too follow them shortly after he gets some things from the back of the vehicle first. There, he unexpectedly finds Max Payne, who has jumped into the van during the mercenaries' exit from the funhouse. Before the Cleaner manages to finish exclaiming surprise, he gets shot dead clean between the eyes by the detective.


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