Template:MP3Comics Template:CharacterInfobox Alfred Woden is a US senator, and one of the most influential members in the secret society called the Inner Circle.



Not much is known about Woden's life before the Inner Circle. He is a senator, and a major member of the Inner Circle. In 1991, he was involved in Project Valhalla, a research program conducted by the United States Army, to develop a chemical substance to enchance human stamina in order to train improved soldiers with superior endurance and morale. His nemesis, Nicole Horne, was also involved in the project. The project was canceled in 1995, after it turned out that the subjects were turned into psychotic killers. At some point after these events, he mentored the Russian mobster Vladimir Lem.


Phone calls

Woden is first alluded to as "One-eyed Alfred" by the hooker Candy Dawn in her diary. In 2001, he contacts Max Payne numerous times via various telephones, warning him of impending danger.

Face-to-face meeting

Later, Woden contacts Max after Max kills B.B. and tells him to meet him at the Asgard Building, the headquarters for the Inner Circle. Woden informs Max about the identity of his family's murderess: Nicole Horne. He also asks Payne to kill Horne; in exchange, the criminal charges against Max will be dropped. After their meeting Horne's agents attack the building, Alfred escapes death by pretending to be shot. While fighting through the Asgard building, Max discovers a tape made by the hooker Candy; Horne had blackmailed Woden into silence using sex tapes of him and Candy. Max pockets the tape to ensure that Woden would keep his end of the bargain.

The end

"Woden was there... in the crowd, standing by the sidelines. It wouldn't be over till the man with the patch would say so. He'd say the right words. I knew he would. He'd better."
―Max Payne notices Woden in the crowd.

Woden is later seen in a crowd near the Aesir Plaza after Horne's death, smiling victoriously upon hearing the news. Payne smiles too, knowing that Woden will not betray him.


Inner Circle leadership war

In 2003, it is revealed that Woden was a one time mentor to Vladimir Lem who eventually turned against Woden in a bid for domination in the Inner Circle. Woden has a terminal cancer, and he can't walk anymore, so he moves around with a wheelchair. It soon becomes apparent that he has several ties to Mona Sax and that he hired her to combat Vladimir's growing power.


According to Lem, Woden was responsible for sending the Valkyr files to Michelle Payne's computer in 1997, indirectly leading to her death and thus Max's thirst for revenge. Woden manipulated Max into eliminating Horne; with Horne (and many other members of the Inner Circle) dead, Woden became the undisputed leader of his organization.


Later, Woden orders Mona to assassinate Max (likely as a backup in case Max finds out about Woden's involvement in the Valkyr case) but, in a change of heart, apologizes to Max. Shortly later, Woden is shot and killed by Vladimir Lem when he attempts to disarm the Russian mobster.

Behind the scenes

  • Alfred Woden's character is an allusion to Wōden, one eyed king of the Norse Gods who rules the universe from his throne at Asgard. The Woden in mythology shares many similarities with Alfred: both are one-eyed, both are a valuable source of information, and both are the leaders of their respective domains.
  • When Woden seemingly comes back from the dead, Max Payne says the saying: "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king", a famous idiom.
  • Woden is the only major character in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne that has no introduction scene.


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