Balder was a DEA agent, and friend of Max Payne, he was killed by B.B. Hensley in a subway. He helped Max investigate the circumstances behind Michelle Payne's death.


Balder was a DEA agent and good friend of Payne, he had Hensly, another DEA agent, to ask Payne to meet him in the subway to give him a message. Soon after Max arrived Balder was shot and killed by a then hidden assasin, later revealed to be B.B. Hensley. Payne was framed for Balder's murder




  • Balder's last name could be a possible allusion to the Norse god Baldr, God of light and peace. In Scandinavian mythology, Baldr is killed by his blind brother, Hodd, after Lief, the God of Mischief, persuades Hodd to throw a dart of holly at Baldr. Baldr's death shares many similarities with Alex's death in Max Payne.
  • In the upcoming Max Payne film, Balder will be played by Donal Logue, seen in the image above.


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