Template:CharacterInfobox Alex Balder is Max Payne's partner at the NYPD and later the DEA.



Alex Balder is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent and a close friend of Max Payne. He is interested in having Payne transfer out of the New York City Police Department to help him with undercover cases, but his friend declines his offer, citing his willingness to spend more time with his family.

Valkyr case

Soon after the violent deaths of his wife and daughter, however, Max Payne does indeed transfer to the DEA. For years since then, Payne and Balder keep tabs on Jack Lupino's valkyr trafficking and build a case against him.


Alex lying on the ground, dead.

In 2001, one dark and stormy winter night, Balder and Payne are set up by B.B. to have an urgent meeting at the Roscoe Street subway station, located in the Bronx, New York City. The two find themselves in the middle of a bank robbery executed by associates of the Punchinello crime family. Soon after they met up, Balder is shot and killed by a hidden assassin, later revealed to be B.B. himself. Payne is soon framed for Balder's murder and is forced to run from the police; his best friend's death also triggers the start of his feverish revenge vendetta against the mobsters.


Balder's death heavly affected Max. The police believe that Max killed Balder, and has started a hunt after him. A few nights later, B.B. tries to set a trap to Payne. Payne understands that B.B. was the one who killed Alex, confronts the traitor, and kills him, avenging Alex.

Personal life

Alex Balder, along with Max Payne, was known to play poker. He reminded Payne about one of the games taking place one Thursday night, just right before Max leaves work for his home in New Jersey where he finds his family slain.

Behind the scenes

Balder's last name could be a possible allusion to Baldr, the Norse god of light and peace. In Scandinavian mythology, Baldr is killed by his blind brother, Hod, after Loki, the God of Mischief, persuades Hod to throw a dart of holly at Baldr. Baldr's death shares many similarities with Alex's death in Max Payne.



"You're a real boy scout, aren't you Payne?"
―Alex Balder[src]


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