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The Aesir Corporation is a major pharmaceutical company run by Nicole Horne. They are the manufacturers of the illegal drug Valkyr. The organization employs the Punchinello Crime Family to distribute valkyr on the streets.


The production of Valkyr was kept under strict secrecy, the only people outside the company who knew about it were the members of the Inner Circle, who Horne blackmailed to remain silent. Even Angelo Punchinello, the head of the Mafia, was not aware what the identity or affiliation of Nicole Horne was. When Alfred Woden leaked information connecting Aesir with Valkyr to the District Attorney's office, Michelle Payne, who managed the documents, was immediately eliminated (along with her infant daughter). However, this event prompted Max Payne to search for the truth and battle those responsible which culminated in his 2001 vendetta during which Nicole Horne and her army were obliterated.


The Aesir Corporation has a private army which Max Payne does battle with. It consists of mercenaries, wearing balaclavas, and Killer Suits, who are, as their name says, dressed in suits. There is also a contingent of armored security guards protecting the Aesir Headquarters.

The fighters are highly trained and heavily armed, most of them with Colt Commandos, Ingrams, and Pump-Action Shotguns. Some carry M79s, Sniper rifles or Jackhammers.

Some soldiers working for Aesir consider their job is like having the "license to kill" (akin to James Bond), while others show more modesty by declaring it is simply their "9 to 5" job.

Known members[]

The following work for Aesir in the Max Payne film:

  • Michelle Payne - An employee of Aesir. After her death, the company made a scholarship in her name.
  • B.B. Hensley - Retired from the NYPD and is now head of security for Aesir.
  • Jason Colvin - A research head. Is questioned by Max Payne. Executed by Aesir security.
  • Jack Lupino - A test subject and former soldier.

Businesses and property[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Aesir is the name of the most important tribe of Gods in Nordic/Germanic paganism.
  • The Killer Suits look similar and could be a reference to the agents from The Matrix.
  • One of the mercenaries is a fan of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and another is a fan of Seven.