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Address Unknown is a TV show. You can see Address Unknown for the first time in Max Payne During "Fear That Gives Men Wings". It is also played throughout Max Payne 2 on numerous televisions and its story seems to involve a man named John and a murderer named John Mirra.

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John depicted in Noir York

The story is played out in a fictional town called Noir York - an obvious play on New York. The main character details the city as if everyone is watching him. John is apparently portrayed as a man set up by John Mirra on the murder of his girlfriend.

The end of the story reveals that John was in fact John Mirra all along. He is actually in a restroom, also known as a "John", and as he looks at the mirror, he finally sees his true face, indicating that he himself was his girfriend's killer and is psychotic.

There is also an abandoned funhouse based on Address Unknown which is also as Mona's hideout. The funhouse is eventually destroyed.

The climax of the story can be heard from two commandos in the Address Unknown funhouse. One guard states: "He's in the John and he look's in the mirror so it's like John Mirra, and he's the killer himself."


  • The TV show was originally aired in the 90's.
  • While inside the funhouse you can hear many of the sayings played during the TV show.
  • Sam Lake, who was the character model for Max in the first Max Payne, was used as the character model for John Mirra.
  • A line in the song "Late Goodbye" by Poets of the Fall mentions "Till' in the John mirror you stare at yourself grown old and weak." A possible reference to the end of Address Unknown. This song is the closing credits song of Max Payne 2.
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