"When entertainment turns to a surreal reflection of your life, you're a lucky man if you can laugh at the joke. Luck and I weren't on speaking terms. Or maybe the place was just too lame to be funny."
Max Payne

A Linear Sequence of Scares is the sixth chapter of Part I in Max Payne 2.


Max learns that the address Mona had given him over the phone belongs to an abandoned funhouse based on the cancelled 90's TV show, Address Unknown. As Max walks through the funhouse, he comments on how uneasy the still-operating place makes him feel, as if he is being watched. Payne works his way through a cardboard Noir York City, Pink Bird Mental Institute, and a nightmarish version of Noir York until he finds an opening in the backdrop that leads to the backstage areas.

Going through a room full of props and into another backstage area, Max finds a locked door that presumably leads to Mona's hideout. Instead of knocking, he goes outside through a nearby door and climbs into a nearby second story window to find an employee room with bunks, lockers and a TV that's playing Lords and Ladies. Moving further into the employee dorm that Mona has converted into her apartment, Max notices her arsenal; he also hears singing coming from the bathroom as well as a shower running.

Max interrupts Mona while she's in the shower and tells her that they need to talk, so after getting out and dressed, Mona tells Payne that the Inner Circle is after everyone previously associated with the group. She also reveals that her contact is a member of the group and is willing to talk, so Mona offers Max a chance to talk with him.

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Hidden WeaponsEdit

Aside from the arsenal in Mona Sax's apartment and the bottles of painkillers found scattered around the room, there are two additional bottles found throughout the chapter:

  • The first bottle of painkillers can be found in the beginning of the chapter inside the ticket booth at the entrance of the funhouse.
  • Another bottle of painkillers can be found on the table in the kitchen area of Mona's apartment.


  • In the bathroom portion of the Pink Bird Mental Institute setting, "REDDRUM" is written on the bathroom wall, and looking into the adjacent mirror will reveal "MURDER" (with only one "D") reflected in it.
  • A poster of Dick Justice can be seen as soon as Max enters Mona's apartment from the window.
  • This chapter, along with A Losing Game are the only chapters in the game where no enemies are present.

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Max Payne 2 - The Darkness Inside - A Linear Sequence of Scares (HD)

Max Payne 2 - The Darkness Inside - A Linear Sequence of Scares (HD)

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